Ministry Expansion

GOD IS LEADING AND THE GOSPEL IS GAINING GROUND! Our Next engaging all generations


Watch the video below to see what is happening with our ministry expansion.


A big Thank You to those who have already pledged to “Our Next Steps…in Engaging all Generations” Capital Campaign. If you have not had your visit yet, don’t hesitate, please contact one of the Campaign Visitors listed below, fill out a blue card (located in the Sanctuary) or call our Church Office at 480.895.6782. We want to reach every family to discuss this significant step regarding the Ministry Expansion of Risen Savior.

Campaign Visitors List

Linda Antonio  480.452.8980

Lee and Diane Bergelin  262.442.9919

Michael Bonsaver  480.236.3743

Pastor Ron Burcham   480.276.3797

Marlin and Lynn Coffee 480.272.9193

Chuck and Kathy Deuth 480.766.3626

Steve and Ruth Ann Endicott 480.393.3801

LeAnn Fekjan 480.399.7505

Bill and Polly Giessing 480.895.5918

Linda Griffin 602.740.7210

Rose Hull 480.270.2051

Crystal Jaso 480.250.3411

Ron Jaso 480.215.7828

David and Nan Klampert 401.533.6757

George Latorraca 480.786.5088

Tom Leonard 317.919.7708

Elizabeth Leonard 317.919.4139

Kristin Lill 480.221.2792

Andy Myers 480.688.4020

Michael Oman 480.988.6472

Pastor Jim Pflueger 480.274.9795

Kathleen Ramirez 480.223.3609

Norm Riffel 480.802.9401

Ed Schoening 402.681.0238

Jeff and Carolyn Singer 480.895.4497

Sue Strauch 602.717.2411

Deborah Stroh 314.308.7446

Les Stroh 314.308.7448

Kay Thayer 480.883.8317

Dennis and Jayne Westlind 602.625.4271

Kristina Winterstein 480.316.5200

Betty Zisch-de la Rosa 480.250.2103


On July 29, 2018 Pastor Ron Burcham held a Town Hall Meeting for all church members.  Below is a video highlighting the meetings in case you missed it!

Risen Savior Celebrates the Next Step for the Campus Expansion Project

Members of the Church met for a luncheon and congregational meeting on Sunday, July 8 to discuss and ratify the next step for the expansion of its Alma School Road campus. The new building will feature an additional 725-seat Worship Center and multi-purpose building, a state-of-the-art kitchen and outside patio with a front yard area that will support community activities such as; the Novemberfest, the school's Fall Festival, the Church Picnic and more.

 After presenting architectural renderings of the campus expansion project to the congregation at focus meetings last Spring, the Steering Committee began rolling out the three-year Capital Stewardship Campaign, Our Next Step…in Engaging All Generations, to potential donors in June. At the July 8 meeting, the Steering Committee revealed that the first 73 pledges amounted to $2,709,800!

Between now and December, the Capital Stewardship Campaign will be presented through individual visits to answer any questions and to invite your participation in this historic event. At the end of this year, the congregation will meet again for a campaign update and for a second vote that will authorize commencement of construction to begin early in 2019. If ratified, it is anticipated that construction will be completed in 2020.

Contact the church office to schedule your visit 480.895.6782.

Governing Board Unanimously Approved of Capital Campaign!

A detailed Final Report was provided to the Governing Board by our James D. Klote & Associates, Inc. representative, Carl Graber. He stated that “This is the most positive study that he has conducted in his 15+ years of experience”. As a result of the overwhelming support received from the congregation, the Governing Board voted unanimously to move forward with a capital stewardship campaign.

Here is a summary of the results from our Readiness Assessment of the proposed building plans on the north property. 436 individuals, representing 256 families attended Focus Group Meetings. The responses were very positive as the following information indicates. When attendees were asked for financial and volunteer support:

 Financially           215  Yes      10  No       59  Need more information

 Volunteer Time    120  Yes      17  No       91  Need more information

We will continue to keep you informed as more information is available.

December 2017 was the first meeting with the Design Unfocus Groups (DUGs) and architect Kevin Callahan.  The four DUGS are:

·  Worship
·  Adult Ministries
·  Children/Youth Ministries
·  Special Events/Facilities

The DUGs will meet a total of five times by the end of February 2018.  In between each meeting, a cost analysis will take place. When they meet again the group will discuss the costs of what they are requesting for in the building.  Choices will then be made and more ideas/options will be generated.  At the end of the process we should have a good handle on costs and staying within the budget.

Kevin produced a variety of blueprints to show the many building options that are available for the north lot. Some of the choices discussed were; size, location of the building on the lot, along with many design options that will tie in all three buildings and their needs.  The design of the north building will encompass the necessity for a larger worship space but, also the need to have a multi-use building.  The pictures below show some examples of what options were discussed and will provide a frame of reference at future DUG meetings. 

We will continue to send out regular updates, to keep all of you well informed of the progress that is being made at your home church.  Stay tuned…

While we continue on this path, we stop often to listen and to pray. We seek God’s direction, His enabling power and guidance so that His work is done His way.