JAM! - Age 3 - 6th Grade


Families are learning about Jesus and growing in their love for Him!

This group meets at 10:30 am in the North Building Lobby Sign-In Area.
Pre-Confirmation (Grades 5-6) is included in the JAM! Youth Ministry.  This program is a rotating two-year pre-confirmation class that will focus on the old and new testaments.  Pre-confirmation is a time for students to begin the discussions about their faith and prepare for the coming years of study in Ignite/Confirmation.
This month JAM is learning about the story of Jesus, who rose from death and gave us everything we need for our journey. Using our theme Rise Up, we’re learning about how the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection strengthens us and changes our relationships in the best way. Everyone will have a chance to put these ideas in their backpack to carry with them always: Jesus overcame death. Jesus connects us to each other. Jesus gives encouragement. We are stronger with Jesus. 

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Your Child’s Safety
Your child’s safety is important to us.
  • You can check your child(ren) in starting at 10:20 am. Check-in is conveniently located in the Lobby of the North Building, look for sign-in kiosks.

Contact Jill at  with any questions.