We have a variety of Bible Studies to choose from.  It's a fantastic way to dig deeper into God's Word and to fellowship with others at Risen Savior.  

Adult Forum

This adult Bible study meets every Sunday at 8:40 am in the Fellowship Hall.   

Current Series - Fundamentals of Christian Doctrine

Each week the handouts will be posted below for the previous Sunday's Bible Study.

Lesson 1 - Creator and Creatures

Lesson 2 - Jesus the Center of Our Faith

Lesson 3 - Delivering the Gifts

 Lesson 4 - The Word of God

New Bible Studies - Start September 9

The Gospel According to Mark

Sunday Mornings at 8:45 am, meets in the Conference Room.

The Gospel of Mark breathlessly gives the eyewitness remembrances of those who lived with, worked alongside and witnessed who Jesus was.  Likely the first written Gospel and based on Peter’s recollections, the Gospel of Mark tells with great urgency how Jesus came with the power of God to call the lost, heal the sick and to save the world from sin and death.


The Gospel According to Matthew

Sunday Mornings at 10:10 am, meets in the Conference Room.

The Gospel of Matthew proclaims the life of Jesus as the climax of the Bible’s story and human history.  God’s promise of deliverance from sin and death arrived in human flesh in the person of Jesus. This gospel reveals Jesus as the long-awaited fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies and the expectations of God’s chosen people for a Savior and King.